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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 24, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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hello everybody. we have all the great videos that you have been looking for right this minute. he got off to a bumbling start but he means business. >> this guy has an ak 47. >> why a visitor to a gentleman's club was no gentleman. a retriever is named ray charles for a reason. >> he's blind. >> now meet the man that rescued the runt of the litter. >> even though he can't see he still lives his life to the fullest. >> it's one of the world's scariest walk ways. so these guys decided. >> let's make this dangerous situation more dangerous.
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>> how they traded walking for flying. and see the internet trend that proves every pretty girl -- >> has an ugly side. >> we should do it. yeah we should. >> oh yeah. >> philadelphia police has released a video that is scary and also i have to say some what bumbling. this is outside the purple or kid's gentleman's club. this guy has an ak-47 in the parking lot. he fires it before falling down with the weapon and then entering the gentleman's club, falls again and then fires off more shots. opens up the door, shoots a few times into this place. one person was struck by one of these shots. apparently, this guy who is i.d. and another guy were in this place earlier got in a dispute with management. the bouncers kicked these two guys out. that's when henry, who we see
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here came back with the gun and fired the shots and jumped in the car with suspect number two in what police say is a light colored vehicle. philadelphia police have clear shots of what these guys look like. they know who henry is. here's suspect number two. they see him come in with a goatee and cargo shorts and hoodie. this is before the big altercation. >> that's horrifying to walk into a business establishment with an assault weapon and unload with no regard. >> over a dispute with management. >> he sprays the place. it's amazing that only one person was hit by the bullets. no word on the severity of the injuries. >> the reason they put this video out there, philadelphia p.d. looking for help in tracking them down. >> crazy russian dash cam time. let's go to the first videoment red light, traffic is stopped,
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pedestrians crossing the street. he crosses behind the tanker truck and what you're about to see is one of the main reasons why there are so many dash cams in russia. watch what he does, lingers around, light turns green and -- >> no way. >> he jumps right under the tires. >> he throws himself under the wheels of the big tanker truck. the truck somehow stops, notices what the guy does, guy gets up and walks away. >> insurance fraud attempt, is that what he is trying to do? oh, the truck ran over me. >> i'm thinking so. over to what i call one of the luckiest women i've ever seen in russian dash cam, keep your eyes on this car right up ahead. boom. near head on collision. the driver flies out. you see her on the road there. pops up on her feet and runs away from the car. >> the top is completely gone from the car. how in the world did she walk away from that.
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>> she shouldn't have sur advised that. >> that's crazy. the left side of the car is demolished. >> she had a cut on her head. a little bit of blood on her face. >> wow. >> everybody likes ray charles, especially this one. that is ray charles. and if you notice, ray likes to walk himself on his leash although his owner has the other end. he is nearly six months old but he is also blind. ray charles was one of five puppies born to a b-reader and she discovered ray was having a problem. so took him to a vet and discovered he was blind and almost was put down but they got a text message saying this dog may be put down and they thought, we got to take him in. now ray charles has a new home and three brothers and sisters. >> this is so great. as you can see on facebook, ray charles the golden retriever, you can see ray's videos and
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him. even though he is blind he still has lots of fun and gets lots of love. we have his owner right this minute via skype. tell us about what prompted you to bring him home. >> my fab sent out a text with a picture of ray saying he was in desperate need of home and he would be put to sleep. when he to save him. >> since he's blind, what kind of accommodations did you have to make for him? >> you have to leave the path ways clear so there's nothing for him to bump into like chairs or anything but after about a week he found his way around the house no problem. >> golden retrievers are a smart breed. was he really easy to train? >> yeah, he did really good on dog school. he was the smartest one in his class. >> does he sing like ray charles? >> he does howl actually. >> how has he changed your life and perspective?
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i. >> i have a better outlook on life. he lives his life to the fullest and little problems aren't as big a deal. >> ray, you gota barking ] for avid rock climbers, one of the most spectacular places to go to is in spain and it's also known as one of the most dangerous walkways. you can see why. this group decided it would be really cool to do a rope swing at one of the smaller walk ways there known as the kings walkway. >> let's make this dangerous situation more dangerous. >> yeah. what an adrenaline rush from the initial. >> it is beautiful. it's dangerous but it's pretty.
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how do you get back up? do you have to climb back up when you're done with this? >> like that. >> it looks like, yeah, you do have to lift yourself back up. of course if you're going to do it you want shots of every possible angle. >> yeah. >> the cool thing about these videos is we can see what people are doing and we can see these without actually having to do it ourselves. that's a good thing. >> i am home. >> it's a strange scene in the street when this dude -- >> gets on top of the car and starts kicking his lights, smashing the windshield. >> but the strangest thing is how the video ends. and there's a piageon in the
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you can't really describe what is happening here anyway. guy has his car on the sidewalk. he is stuck. number of people trying to help this guy. so mashing the gas, spinning his tires, not going anywhere. >> oh. >> gets the car free for a second, backs it up and then almost hits this blonde lady. and then smoke coming from the tires. i don't think they're thinking this one through. >> you're causing more damage to the car and the stuff around you than anything. >> oh yeah, causing damage. >> yeah. >> well, the driver causes a little bit more damage. when he gets out and starts kicking his lights.
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smashing the windshield. smashed the sunroof. now he's back in doing exactly what he was doing before he smashed the whole thing up. here you see it really starts smoking. do you think if you just gun it it's going to magically loosen and you're going to be free? and if it does, this thing is going to take off. now, here's the big moment. friends are like cut it back, you're almost there. now you think, okay, great, time to celebrate. no, if you're this guy, time to get out and continue kicking and jumping on the car. if you're these people you're going to get in the car with this maniac now? >> no. >> everyone does get back in the car, nick. everyone gets back in the car and they take off. every cute girl -- oh,
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boy -- >> this is sidney jane. apparently she is a comedian. check her out. >> this is my cute face. >> the whole song put to the song by the velvet underground. sidney put together two minutes of some of the ugliest faces you can find coming out of a cute girl. i can't tear my eyes off of it because the contortions she puts her mug through are entertaining. >> it's like a cartoon. >> sidney is getting a lot of attention for her video because this is the new thing to do for cute girls. look at these pictures. here's this girl. >> oh, no. >> quite cute on the left. >> no. >> ugly on the right. >> that's incredible. >> that's awesome. >> and third -- >> wow. >> i like this trend. this is really cool trend. we should do it. >> yeah we should. >> oh yeah.x
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i said sexy. >> that will do it. it's not just for girls. the rules say men can do it too. >> is that sexy or ugly? oh, okay. >> i thought it was going to stick. >> oh. oh. that was so weird. >> oh, no. >> i can't wait to see our viewers submitting some of their photos to our facebook pang. please, this minute chl. >> i think it's safe to agree that most wild birds belong outside. in norway, somebody came home
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and notice what's on the curtain rod. that is a pigeon. these people live in a seaside village and the most we get is sea gulls and crows. it frightened the cows so thr trying to entice this thing off the curtain rod. the bird frightened the cat. >> he stretches his hand toward the pigeon but watch what happens. >> if you're that close to the bird with your hand, just grab it. >> you think did it fly outside? no, it flew on the corner. >> take that curtain and use it as a net. >> that's what i thought. but they're kind of letting this thing figure it's way out on it's own. it's back to the curtain rod and then finally it figures his way out. >> there we go. >> yea. >> this is where they live. >> why would that pigeon want to be inside when he's got all that
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out there. >> this red tail hawk is trying to get in the building. this is on the 14th floor at central square. looks like he is talking to him. >> i feel like this is a relative reincarnated into this bird. for real. why else would it come back to this window at this apartment and try to get in. i believe it. there's a view into steven's mind. >> yeah. >> a guy riggs up his mountain bike with -- >> some tanks on there. it's a hydrogen peroxide mixture. >> and find out what rescuers did to save one
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ever wonder how fast you could ride your mountain bike? he did and here he goes, rocketing down an old military base. looks pretty quick doesn't it? >> he passed a car. >> he passed a car. he passed a motorcycle that was chasing him as well. he apparently broke a world record at 162.42 miles per hour basically on a mountain bike.
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check out these angles. >> it's blowing his legs back. his legs are physically blown back by the speed. >> he built it itself. it's basically a mountain bike frame. you notice there's tanks on there. that's a hydrogen peroxide mixture. turns into a rocket under pressure. >> i'm not worried about how he is going but how he stops. the breaks, the pads that squeeze the wheel. >> i don't know how he is able to keep it steady. >> that's the part of this is that he managed to hold his balance. this most recent speed 163.4 miles per hour smashed his recent record. >> i'm surprised it didn't smas out there on a frozen pound. he fell through the ice. the video is from back in april
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which is why the pond is still frozen over. the fire department came to the rescue. you see this guy here with all his gear and basically he is cutting a path through the ice. you can see the dog is following him. the dog even tries to get on his back. watch this. >> there you go. >> dog's got to be freezing at this point. >> and exhausted. >> absolutely. you can see he is just cutting his way through the ice. cutting his way through the ice until he gets to a point where he can stand and the guys are like now just pick him up. he picks him up. gets him up there -- this is a big dog. >> come on puppy. >> there we go. >> come on. >> he is able to shake off the cold, get over there to these other guys. surely they had a blanket there to help them warm up. >> you had to imagine that the dog felt some comfort to know there was now a human there
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helping him out. >> thumbs up. >> well done. >> this is the closest thing i have seen to a live action e ticket ride. watch what they're doing in this truck in thailand. it's about to cross the river. there's russian waters and this truck is a four wheel drive toyota. it has nice wheels for this kind of thing but look how deep the water is when the truck makes entry. and at this point, it looks like a ride at disney land. they don't exactly have traction. >> oh, no. >> is it going to float away? no it looks like it's almost going to float away but they get traction. and they make it to the other side. >> any deeper they would have been in trouble. that was like the exact level that they were able to get across. the truck was at it's limits right there. it did have a snorkel on it too. i'm sure they have done this kind of thing before. it got pushed a little bit by the current there. if these waters were going any
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faster that thing could have been -- i think they knew that might happen too because they had quite a bit of stuff in the bed of the truck. a couple of extra guys. i wonder if they had to go back? >> it looks like a weird display of chocolate until it starts spinning. >> before you know it the whole thing is very blurry. crystal geyser is always
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the always funny guys are back but this time it's weird. they're just pumping up a basketball. the guy has his pump. this whole video they're pumping it. really getting that basketball nice and bouncy. >> i feel like he has enough air in there. i feel like that basketball is full. >> oh my -- >> pumps that thing up until boom. you can see how all the people on the basketball court react. they do point out in the comments here i bet you guys were mad when the car backs in and covers up the entire court. they were like yeah they almost made us miss the entire shot. they wanted the reaction of the guys playing basketball there. >> i was surprised this worked.
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that it would explode. i thought the baseball would like fly off the needle. gravity can be a lot of fun, especially when you're in control of it. like these guys, doing a little bit of downhill dirt riding. where else can you ride a snow board and downhill mountain bike at the same time? brett, jake and graham going downhill on the dirt pound. set to all green lights by paper diamond. it looks like a lot of fun. >> it works. >> it does work. >> you can use your snow board on the dirt. just use it on the dirt. >> but he's grinding on pebbles toothe m take a bit of a header here. watch this. so don't fret snow boarders. strap on your board and trust that gravity will still do it's
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job. >> what are we calling the sport? >> dirt boarding. >> mud boarding. cat in a handkerchief. >> elusions are awesome and i have one that blew my mind. this is at a chocolate factory in australia. you probably heard of this. it's a visual illusion that creates motion out of two dimensional drawings. >> they have one at california adventure. >> these are a bunch of chocolate birds that are about to start spinning. before you know it -- the whole thing is very blurry but the best part is when the strobes start. it creates a visual elusion of motion.
1:28 pm
>> looks like the penguins diving into the water. >> the melted chocolate from the mountain is blobbing into the chocolate can nis administers and they produce the penguins and they swim. >> you see the whole thing but you don't see the effect until the strobe goes on which is pretty cool. >> and you can eat it. >> i just want to stick my head in there. >> you mentioned there was one at disney land and you're right. it's toy story. there's buzz and woody and jesse. she is doing a great job with the lasso. >> that's amazing. >> that's it for
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coming up on "dish nation" -- ray jay says he's a judge kanye west fan. i guess they love each other's videos. >> it's gary's bikini body watch. amanda bynes tried to board a flight using google as her i.d. it would have worked if they googled crazy person. >> "dancing with the stars" firing the judges and the dancers? >>. this is "dish nation," the i'll make me la of so hard i forgot to be mad about my cheating husband entertainment news show. the rickey smiley show, atlanta and beyond. kidd kdi


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